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Vincent Van Gogh died a tragic and untimely death. When he died, his brother Theo found out about his suicide attempt, so he fled Paris for Auvers, France to be near his beloved brother's bed.

Theo arrived in Auvers before Vincent Van Gogh's death.; Theo was with Van Gogh until the end. Theo recorded the events of the death in a letter to his sister Elizabeth; In the letter, Theo said that Vincent Van Gogh's last words were "The sadness will last forever" ("La tristesse durera Toujours").

Vincent Van Gogh's last words were "Sadness will last forever"

When Vincent Van Gogh committed suicide on July 27, 1890, his ever loving and supportive brother Theo rushed to his side. When Theo arrived at Vincent's deathbed, he could see that Vincent had decided it was time to die.

In a letter a few days after Vincent Van Gogh's untimely death, Theo wrote to his sister Elizabeth about his brother. In the letter dated August 5, 1890, he wrote the following about the death of Vincent Van Gogh and his last words:

"He did not want to live, and his mind was so calm because he always fought for his beliefs, beliefs that he compared to the best and noblest of his predecessors. His love for his father, for the gospel, for the poor and wretched, for the great men of literature and painting are proof enough of this. The last letter he wrote me, dated about four days before his death, says: "I try to do as well as certain painters whom I loved and admired very much." to be a great person. Surely in time this will be recognized and many will mourn his untimely death. He himself wanted to die, when I sat down next to him and told him that we would try to cure him and that we hoped that then he would be rid of this type de In desperation he said: "La tristesse durera toujours. forever.] I understood what he meant by those words.

A few moments later he felt suffocated and within a minute he closed his eyes. A great stillness came over him, from which he never revived.

Theo Van Gogh An Schwester Elizabeth Van Gogh – 5 de agosto de 1890

We learn from this letter that Vincent Van Gogh's last words were "La tristesse durera toujours" or "Sadness will last forever".

Theo tells how, moments after saying "La tristesse durera toujours", which translates to "The sadness will last forever", Vincent closed his eyes and died.

Tod deVincent Van Gogh

On July 27, in a field near Auvers, France, Vincent Van Gogh grabbed a revolver and shot himself in the chest; he did not die immediately, but would live two more days.

From the letters and correspondence he wrote to his brother Theo and sister-in-law Johanna, we know that he felt considerable weight from the financial support they gave him to help him continue his art. We also know that he was depressed and had good days and bad days.

In one of his last letters, dated July 10, 1890Theo e Johanna Van GoghVicente wrote:

When I came back here, I was still very sad and I felt that the storm that was threatening you was also weighing on me. What can be done? You see, I try to be in a good mood most of the time, but my life was attacked in the bud, my step also failed. I feared, not exactly, but a little, that it would be a danger to you living at your expense, but Jo's letter shows me that clearly.you really feel that I, for my part, work and suffer like you.

Vincent Van Gogh, Letter to Theo and Johanna Van Gogh – July 10, 1890

We learn from this letter the enormous weight Vincent Van Gogh felt in having the continued financial support of his brother and wife. Their son, Vincent Willem Van Gogh, was born about 6 months earlier, on January 31, 1890.

We also know that Vincent Van Gogh was mentally unstable, especially when he told them, “My life was attacked in the bud; my walk is also flattering. Vincent knew that his life and his will to live were beginning to be flattering.

Vincent was mentally and physically exhausted from hard work; He has always set high standards for himself. He also felt insecure about the future, as he likely felt that he had failed as an artist, as a brother, and as a human being.

The sad part of it all was that when Vincent felt this, he finally started to get credit for his work. I was finally starting to see success.

It also seems that Vincent understood that painters did not always receive recognition from their peers, but that other generations valued their work more.

In a letter to his brother Theo dated 9 or 10 July 1888, Vincent wrote.

"The painters -to speak only of them- who are dead and buried speak through their works to a successive generation or several successive generations. Is that all or is there more? In the painter's life, death may not be what more difficult".

Letter from Vincent van Gogh to Theo van Gogh - July 9 or 10, 1888

Even in 1888, Vincent seemed to understand that his artwork might not appeal to his generation as much as future generations; when he is dead, he can receive recognition.

Even today when we talk about the best painters in the world, Vincent Van Gogh is always on par with great painters like Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and Michelangelo. He may never have received the recognition he deserved in his lifetime, but today his name and artwork are recognized as some of the most incredible artwork ever produced.

not only forVincent Van Gogh "the sadness will last forever" but also for all of us who have lost this great artistat such a young age and in such a tragic way. We can celebrate him, his life and the joy his artworks and paintings continue to bring to millions.

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How did Vincent Van Gogh's paintings become famous?

Vincent van Gogh's paintings became famous because, after his death and the death of his husband Theo, his sister-in-law decided to find a way to get his paintings and name out to the world. She was brilliant and an expert on how to do this. When she died in 1925, Vincent van Gogh was world famous.

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What art tools did Vincent Van Gogh use?

Vincent Van Gogh used most of the essential tools that artists of his time used such as oil paints, turpentine, oil paints, canvas, brushes, palette knife and easel. We learn from some of his letters how he used these art tools for his paintings. We also know from the letters how indispensable these artistic tools were to him.

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Is Vincent Van Gogh an abstract artist?

Vincent Van Gogh was not considered an abstract artist, but a post-impressionist artist. It is known that he admired the Impressionist artist, but he never saw himself as part of the Impressionist group. Rather, Van Gogh had a unique style and choice of colors for his paintings.

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