The truth about Lizzo and Chris Evans' relationship (2023)

Lizzo and Chris Evans have been making headlines lately.She walked out drunk in Evans April as she has a huge crush on him and posted her response on TikTok. From then on, the internet exploded and everything pointed to the two being a couple. And since then the rumors have been piling up.

The "Truth Hurts" singer is known for creating hilarious TikToks and inspiring others to love matter what size they are.Evans is one of Hollywood's hottest bachelors, so we don't blame Lizzo for taking his picture.

Evans is filming a few movies right now so she may not have time for a relationship, but fans love watching them interact online. I hope they meet soon.

Are the two celebrities a couple? Have you been in touch since the DM incident? So what exactly is the truth about Lizzo and Chris Evans' relationship?


9 Chris Evans Relationship History

Evans saidElle2017 that he gets along well with all his exes."I haven't had any bad breakupsin my life. When I see an ex I usually give them a big hug and it's wonderful to catch up. If you are lucky enough to love and be loved by someone, they are worth protecting. It's rare that anyone really knows him. And when you've broken that kind of barrier, I think it's important to appreciate that."

His first public romance was with Jessica Biel. Yes you've read correctly. He was with Biel from 2001 to 2006. After Biel he switched to another actress, Minka Kelly. He started dating her in 2007. They broke up that year and got together in 2012 and split again in 2013. They were spotted back together in 2015 but it has not been confirmed if they will get back together.

Before he reportedly got back together with Kelly, Evans sparked dating rumorsLuckAlumna Dianna Agron, Sandra Bullock and Lily Collins, but nothing has been confirmed with any of these ladies.

2016 after Jenny Slate split from her husband. She began dating Evans after they met on the set ofgifted.They made their red carpet debut together but sadly broke up in February 2017. In November 2017people magazinereports that they are back together. They reportedly split for good in March 2018.

In July 2020, Evans was spotted in London with actress Lily James. Not much has been heard from the couple since then. More recently, Evans has been spotted with oneUnknown, not famous girlsaid to be from the east coast.

So could I be with Lizzo now?

8 Timeline of Lizzo's relationship

Lizzo's dating history isn't as complicated as Evans'. In his song "Truth Hurts," he sings about a "new guy on the Minnesota Vikings," but there's no truth to those lyrics. The men mentioned in their album do not appear to be famous men. In a 2019 interview with Busy Phillips, Lizzo said she was single at the time but had dabbled in online dating andhe even tried to take on John Mayer.

Fans believed in April 2019 that the singer and Trevor Noah were dating after they became heavily flirty during an appearance on his show, but Lizzo said they're not dating but she would "understand" it at some point in the future.

Rumors also surfaced that Lizzo and Harry Styles were flirting in 2020 and 2021, but to the dismay of fans, it appeared to be just a fun, friendly banter, and the two weren't dating.

she was seenKissing and hugging a mysterious manin March 2021 on a balcony in Malibu. Lizzo has not been publicly linked to celebrities, but she is known to be a flirt and has flirted with Charlie Puth, Drake and Evans.

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7 Your Twitter flirting jokes

The interaction between Evans and Lizzo began in 2019. Evans retweeted a video Lizzo originally posted of a girl dancing to her song "Juice." He tweeted the video with the caption, "This kid is cooler than he could ever hope." Lizzo obviously reacted, replying with "Wow marry me" and a funny face emoji. Since then, they've been flirting a lot on social media.

6 She shoots your DMs

Lizzo posted on her TikTok that she DMed Evans drunk.The video was captioned, "Don't drink or DM kids... for legal reasons this is a joke." It showed the actor a screenshot of her sending three emojis (a puff of air, a girl playing sports and a basketball) which could indicate someone is shooting. She thought she canceled the DM, but Evans had already seen her. Fans were immediately invested when she posted the video.

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5 Evans answers

Lizzo followed up with a video a few days later.This showed Evans following her and answering.. "It's no shame for a drunk DM. God knows I did worse on that app lol," he said. His comment referred to theNSFW's photowhich was accidentally shared on his Instagram stories. Lizzo was spotted freaking out and captioned the video "B****". It's great to see that he has a sense of humor about these things and it's even better to know that he reacted.

4 The Internet Reaction

The internet and TikTok exploded when the two videos were posted. Some of the commenters wanted to update you. Others were jealous because they weren't. They soon became a trending topic and the headlines of many articles. Since then, fans have been commenting on his TikTok videos and wondering if there are any updates, and many fans want them to see him in real life. In this case we need photos please.

3 Lizzo mocks a Captain America impersonator

To show how much she loves Evans, Lizzo posted another video in response to a comment asking when they were going to have a baby.She was seen toying with a Captain America impersonator., which we all know was played by Evans. There was another video of her and a friend twerking and the impersonator didn't seem happy but maybe he was confused.

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2 Lizzo claims she's pregnant with Evans' baby

One fan joked in one of her videos, "Lizzo baby...we know you're pregnant and we know Chris Evans spills the tea." Since she's who Lizzo is, she naturally responded. With a very serious face and music from the Captain America: The First Avenger soundtrack, Lizzo shot a video and said, "This is something I really wanted to keep personal and private, just between me and my son's father. ". , but I already said that today we publish all the rumors…"She then turned away from the camera and squeezed her stomach., while rubbing. "I sucked. Let's have a little America!"

1 What is the truth?

So what's the truth here? They are together? Unfortunately, the truth hurts, but no, they are not together. She is not pregnant with your baby. Maybe one day they will meet and break the internet again. But for now, we'll live through Lizzo's TikToks vicariously and hope Evans can respond to her latest video and hopefully keep up the flirty banter.

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