The 11 most famous paintings by Renoir (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) that you should see - Dreams in Paris (2023)

Looking for Renoir's most famous paintings?From the Moulin de la Galette to the boating party lunch, this post will show you the best works of Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir, commonly known as Auguste Renoir or simply Renoir, is one of thefamous french paintersand artists credited with starting the Impressionist art revolution.

Critics praised him for his incredible eye for beauty, which is reflected in his most famous works of art.

Along with impressionism, he was at the forefront of the modernism and realism movements in the French art scene.

The 11 most famous paintings by Renoir (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) that you should see - Dreams in Paris (1)

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For this reason, Renoir's most famous paintings are used as examples to represent these particular artistic styles.

Renoir was also known for using the busy free time and Parisian lifestyle as his favorite subject.

If you love the impressionist style of art, you should check out these famous Renoir paintings as they best represent his artistic style and creative vision.

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The 11 most famous paintings by Renoir (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) that you should see - Dreams in Paris (3)

Renoir's most famous paintings

Below are Renoir's 11 most famous paintings and the year they were painted during his lifetime. For context: Renoir was born on February 25, 1841 and died on December 3, 1919.

1. Dance at the Moulin de la Galette (1876)

The 11 most famous paintings by Renoir (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) that you should see - Dreams in Paris (4)

Also know asA dance at the Moulin de la Galette, this is probably Renoir's most famous painting. He completed this painting in 1876 and it shows a crowd in an open-air dance hall called the Moulin de la Galette.

The location that inspired this painting is remarkable.Paris neighborhoodknown as Montmartre.

The scene depicted in the painting shows people having fun and socializing. Some dance while others sit at the table and talk. Subjects wear formal dresses and suits.

Although Renoir uses black as the primary color in this painting, he is a master at bringing so many colors into the image and his depiction of the sun's rays is incredibly commendable.

In addition to the impressive painting technique, this painting is characterized by the depiction of quiet life in France.

If you want to take a closer look, this painting is on display at the exhibition.Orsay's Museumin Paris France.

2. Lunch on the ship (1881)

The 11 most famous paintings by Renoir (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) that you should see - Dreams in Paris (5)

In the list of Renoir's famous paintings, this figure is one of the prominent pieces.lunch at discoIt is a masterpiece that Renoir completed a few years after his most famous work of art, Dance at the Moulin de la Galette.

Like the painting above, this one shows people (his friends and wife-to-be) in a social setting, gathered to share food, drink, and conversation.

The painting takes place in the restaurant Maison Fournaise, a restaurant on a terrace overlooking the Seine.

In this painting, Renoir demonstrates his impressive use of bold color, and like many of his paintings, this one focuses on three of his favorite subjects: still lifes, portraiture, and plein-air landscapes.

You can see this painting below.The Phillips Collection in Washington DC, EE.UU.

3. Dance at Bougival (1883)

The 11 most famous paintings by Renoir (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) that you should see - Dreams in Paris (6)

Commissioned by Paul Durand-Ruel,Dance in BougivalIt was painted by Renoir in 1883. The painting is one of 3 commissioned by the same person, all with the theme of dance.

In this particular painting, Renoir uses a combination of pastels and vibrant tones to depict a dancing couple.

What makes this painting even more impressive is that it really evokes the feeling of a couple in motion, giving you the feeling that you are actually watching them move in a cafe where they are depicted in Bougival.

Like some of Renoir's other famous paintings, this one was immediately met with critical acclaim when it was shown in various exhibitions.

Today you can see the painting "Dance at Bougival" in theBoston Museum of Fine Arts, Massachusetts, USA, where it is considered one of the finest works of art in his collection.

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4. The swing (1876)

The 11 most famous paintings by Renoir (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) that you should see - Dreams in Paris (7)

Completed in 1876, the same year he painted The Dance at the Moulin de la Galette,The swingIt is one of the most famous paintings by Pierre-Auguste Renoir.

While Renoir was painting the Moulin de la Galette, he rented a house in Montmartre, now the garden of the Musée de Montmartre, to be close to the Moulin de la Galette. This is also the time when he painted the swing.

Renoir has always loved capturing social scenes from real life, and this image captures just that.

It shows a young woman standing on the swing looking a bit embarrassed while the boy looks at her and two men, one of whom is carried away by her while the other looks at the painter with a smiling face.

This painting is another example of Renoir's work, using brush strokes to show sunlight and shadows in a natural setting.

Today, Swings is considered one of thefamous paintings in parisand you can seeOrsay Museum in Paris.

5. The Great Bathers (1887)

Pierre Auguste Renoir excels at depicting nude women in his paintings and in this masterpiece.the great bathersis one of the best examples of this.

Some of the subjects of this painting are his future wife Aline Charigot and Suzanne Valadon, also a painter.

This artwork not only shows nude women, but also has caught people's attention because it uses classical styles in modern art.

Critics praised Renoir's sculptural depiction of nude subjects. The scale of this painting is in stark contrast to the fine details of Impressionist art. It took Renoir three years to perfect this masterpiece.

Renoirsthe great batherscan be seen inPhiladelphia Museum of Art, EE.UU.

CanLook at the photo of the tall bathers herehow i want to keep this page PG.

6. Two Sisters (1881)

The 11 most famous paintings by Renoir (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) that you should see - Dreams in Paris (8)

Two sistersis another renowned portraitist of Pierre-Auguste Renoir. It shows an older girl sitting next to her younger sister on a terrace.

The simplicity of the theme is contrasted with ornate details such as the girls' crown, flower basket, and courtyard greenery.

The background is blurred, but the viewer can still see the details of the landscape behind the objects.

This famous piece of art is also in the same restaurant (Maison Fournaise) used in his masterpiece Lunch on the Boat Party.

RenoirsTwo sisterscan be seen inArt Institute of Chicago in Illinois, EE.UU.

7. Chica at the piano (1892)

The 11 most famous paintings by Renoir (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) that you should see - Dreams in Paris (9)

One offamous french paintingspainted by renoirgirl at the piano.

He was informally commissioned by the French government in 1891 to build a collection in the new museum to be opened, called the Musee de Luxembourg.

The painting shows 2 girls at the piano, within the framework of a French bourgeois house, or bourgeois house as it was known at the time.

Unlike his other previous paintings, Renoir prepared a lot for this, probably because it was the government that demanded it. For this he created several sketches that have been discovered in recent years.

In the exhibition you can see "Two girls at the piano" by RenoirOrsay Museum in Paris, France.

8. Umbrellas (1881-86)

The 11 most famous paintings by Renoir (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) that you should see - Dreams in Paris (10)

the umbrellasIt is one of Renoir's most famous paintings. He began work on this project in 1881 and completed it in 1986, which was somewhat unusual in that it took five years to complete.

As a result, many critics have noted the distinctive style of this work, as it corresponds to the gradual transition of his style.

Half of the painting shows light and dark tones with loose brushwork, while the other half features soft colors and sharper outlines with an almost three-dimensional effect.

This is because he painted the first half in an impressionistic manner, but when he returned from Italy, where he had seen several paintings in the classical manner, he lost touch with the first half and completed the painting in a classical art direction.

Today you can see the painting "Los Paraguas" in theNational Gallery of London, Britain.

9. La Grenouillère (1869)

The 11 most famous paintings by Renoir (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) that you should see - Dreams in Paris (11)

The summer of 1869 was a pivotal moment that sparked the inspiration for this masterpiece, also known asThe frog pond.

During this time, Renoir spent much time with Claude Monet and painted on water at the La Grenouillere spa, outside Paris on the Seine.

It is believed that during this period both artists, Renoir and Monet, practiced and mastered the techniques that came to be known as Impressionism.

Both painters created paintings depicting the same place, and while Monet focused on lighting effects in the scene, Renoir wanted to emphasize the human subjects through rapid, unmasked brushstrokes.

Renoir's painting shows people on a boat, some sailing, swimming and others walking on the gangways.

You can find La Grenouillère in the exhibitionStockholm National Museum, Sweden.

10. The Logia (1874)

The 11 most famous paintings by Renoir (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) that you should see - Dreams in Paris (12)

This artwork by Renoir is characterized by the use of the impressionist style to depict modern life.

The shelterIt shows an elegantly dressed woman sitting in the box and a man sitting next to her, carrying a pair of binoculars.

The focus on the subject matter (rather than what happens on stage) established the role of the theater as a place to be seen at the time.

RenoirsThe shelterodie boxas it is known to some is on display atCourtauld-Galerie en Londres, Britain.

11. Gabrielle and Jean (1895-1896)

The 11 most famous paintings by Renoir (Pierre-Auguste Renoir) that you should see - Dreams in Paris (13)

Pierre-Auguste Renoir's paintings throughout his illustrious career feature various portraits, particularly those depicting two protagonists.

The child in the painting is Renoir's son, Jean. The other protagonist of the painting is a rustic servant girl, Gabrielle Renard, who joined Renoir's domestic staff when the family welcomed her second child.

This work by Renoir is critically acclaimed for presenting a wide range of techniques. Critics have noted Renoir's fascination with childhood, which he recreated in his artwork.

Renoirsgabrielle and jeanThe painting can be seen atOrangery Museumin Paris France.

Final Thoughts on Renoir's Famous Paintings

Pierre-Auguste Renoir created many works of art throughout his illustrious career, which recognized him as one of the most influential French painters and artists of the 19th century.ºCentury.

These famous paintings by Renoir best show how his art evolved throughout his career as he played with different techniques and subjects.

Hopefully, these artworks have inspired you to explore more of Renoir's and other Impressionist artists, particularly those inspired by what he started.


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