Sale of reproductions of paintings by Auguste Pierre Renoir (2023)

Portrait of a Young Woman (Ellen Andree)

Portrait of a young woman in black

Portrait of Adele Besson

Portrait of Alfred and Marie Sisley

Portrait of Alfred Sisley

Portrait of an anonymous nanny

portrait of a child

Portrait of an old woman, also known as Madame Le Coeur

portrait of charles terrace

claudia portrait

Portrait of Claude Monet

Portrait of Claude Renoir

Claude Renoir painting portrait

coco portrait

coconut and flower portrait

Portrait of Colonel Howard Jenks

Portrait of Edmond Maitre, also known as the Reader

Portrait of Edmond Renoir Jr.

Portrait of Eugène Pierre Lestringuez

Gabriela's portrait

Portrait of Gabrielle aka Flower Girl

Retrato by Georges Rivière

Portrait of Henri Lerolle

Jeans portrait

Portrait of Jean Renoir

Portrait of Jean Renoir aka Boy with Hoop

Portrait of Jean Renoir and Gabrielle with their son

Portrait of Lise with umbrella

Portrait of Lucien Daudet

Retrato of Lucienne

Portrait of Madame Claude Monet

Portrait of Madeleine Adam

Retrato of Mademoiselle François

Portrait of Mademoiselle Julie Manet with a cat

Retrato of Mademoiselle Sicott

Portrait of Mademoiselle Victorine de Bellio

Portrait of Margot aka Portrait of a Model

Portrait of Marie Lestringuez

Portrait of Mrs. Iscovesco

portrait of pierre

Portrait of Pierre Renoir in a sailor suit

Portrait of Richard Wagner

Retrato by Stéphane Mallarmé

Portrait of actress Jeanne Samary

Georges River Portrait

Portrait of the painter Emile-Henri Laport

Portrait of Theresa Berard

Portrait of Victor Chocquet

Retratos by Marie-Sophie Chocquet

portraits of two children

Posthumous portrait of Frederic Bazille

Profile of a woman in a red blouse

Profile of a young woman in a hat

André Profilverbeugung

purple landscape

Railway bridge in Chatou (The pink chestnuts)

Rainbow trout

teacher rafa


readers in green

Reading couple, also known as Edmond Renoir and Marguerite Legrand

reading the part

lying model

not lie

Lying now (Pierre Auguste Renoir)

Nude head reclining supported on the right arm Nude Restin M (Nude on the sofa)

Reclining Nude aka The Bakers Wife


reclining women

rosen from memory


Regatta in Argenteuil

Chill out

ricardo wagner

Riding in the Bois de Boulogne (Madame Henriette Darras or the ride)

Rio im Argenteuil

River with boats in Asnères

Road near Cagnes

Rochas im L Estaque

Rocks on Guernsey

Rocks with shrimp fishermen

Rocky Craggs im L Estaque

Romain Lascaux


Roses and jasmine in a Delft vase

Rose and Gabrielle's Study

Wargemont Rosen

Roses in a blue vase

Roses in porcelain vase

roses in a vase

Calle Caulaincourt

country food


Sailboats in Argenteuil

Sailboats in Cagnes

Sailor Boy aka Portrait of Robert Nunes

Sara looks to the right.

old scene women with peplos


seated bather

sitting boy in a blue dress

seated female nude

Sitting girl with blue background.

without sitting

Nu Sitting (not Leste)

Sitting naked combing her hair

Seated Nude in Profile, aka Gabrielle

Seated Nude with a Bouquet of Flowers.

sit woman

Seated woman in a blue dress

The woman sits on a green blanket

sitting woman in blue

Seated woman with green belt

Seated Girl with White Hat 1884

girl sits in a hat

young woman sitting

Seated Nude of Young Woman

Self Portrait

Self portrait at thirty five

Self portrait with white hat

cow and sheep herder

Skateboarding in the Bois de Boulogne

sleeping baigneuse

sleeping cat

Sleeping girl (girl with a cat)

Sleeping naked with a hat, also known as rest.


Small house, buttercups and various flowers.

little nude in blue

smiling young man

snowy landscape

Spanish dancer with red dress

anemone spray


Spring (The Four Seasons)

Spring in Catou

spring bouquet

spring flowers

spring landscape

Stairs in Algiers

foot bather

Stephane Mallarme

Nature tote

Almonds and walnuts still life

still life with flowers and fruit

Still Life of Pomegranate Figs and Apples

still life a plate of plums

still life - almonds and walnuts

still life with a glass

Still life with a melon and a vase of flowers

still life with apples

still life with apples and almonds

still life with apples and oranges

Still life with apples and pears

Still life with apples and pomegranates

Still life with a bouquet of flowers

Still life with melon and peaches

still life with bottle

still life with chrysanthemums

Still life with glass and sugar bowl

Still life with dahlias

Still life with figs

still life with fish

still life with flowers

still life with fruits

still life with fruit bowl

still life with fruits

still life with fuscia

still life with grapes

still life with lemons

Still life with lemons and oranges

still life with melon

still life with onion

Still life with orange and sugar bowl

still life with peaches

Still Life with Peaches 1881

Still life with peaches and chestnuts

still life with peaches and grapes

Still Life with Peaches and Grapes 1881

still life with pheasant and partridge

still life with grenades

still life with roses

still life with strawberries

still life, a plate of plums

Still life, roses in front of the blue curtain.


Street in Essoyes

Strong wind or gusts of wind

Studies on Nus, the artist's children and his wife

Children's Studies by Paul Berard

Head Studies of Female Nudes Landscapes and Peaches

Study “Two Female Heads

Study on "Girls playing with a badminton"

Study for "The Game of Croquet"

Study for the Saône Embraced by the Rhône

Study of a figure by Maillol

study of a woman

Study of a woman for Oedipus

Study of a Young Woman (Mademoiselle Murer)

study of flowers

Studying the flowers of anemones and tulips

Study two female heads

Study: Torso, Sunlight Effect

sugar bowl

Apple and orange sugar bowl

sugar bowl and clay bowl

sugar bowl and lemon

sugar bowl and lemons

Sugar bowl, apple and orange


summer hats

Summer landscape (Woman with umbrella in the garden)

sunny landscape

Susana Valadon



girl head

Terraces in Cagnes

the deal

The Alphabet (Jean and Gabrielle)

The Apple Seller

The artist's studio, Rue Saint-Georges

the artist's family

the house of artists

The mother of artists

The artist's studio Rue Saint Georges

Oh baile no Moulin de la Galette

The banks of a river rower in a boat

The banks of the river

The banks of the Seine Bougival

The banks of the Seine at Argenteuil

The banks of the Seine at Champrosay

The bather (after the bath)

the tunic

did not go down

Algiers Bay

guernsey beach

on purnic beach

Lunch at the boat party.

The Braid (Suzanne Valadon)

The Argenteuil bridge in autumn

Construction of the Sacred Heart

the coffee

canoeists lunch

The Champs Elysées during the Paris Fair of 1867

The children of Martial Caillebotte

the clearing

The Clown (Claude Renoir dressed as a clown)

The Clown (James Bollinger Mazutreek)

Fishing boats off the coast of Brittany

the haircut

The hairstyle (the girl combs her hair)

The conversation

the cup of chocolate

the cup of tea

The daughters of Catulle Mendes

The daughters of Paul Durand Ruel (Marie Theresa and Jeanne)

The daughters of Paul Durand-Ruel

Doge's Palace Venice

the duck pond

The edge of the forest in Brittany

The embroiderer (Woman embroidering in a garden)

the end of lunch

The farm

Die Farm in Collettes

The barn of Les Collettes Cagnes


the first exit

The first step

the fishmonger

The fisherman

The way

The garden (in the park)

Fontenay Garden

The garden of Rue Cortot in Montmartre

The Essai Garden in Algiers

the grand boulevards

The gypsy (summer)

The harem (Parisian women dress like Algerians)

The Harvesters

The hills of Cagnes

Als colinas of Trouville

the naive

At Mother Anthony's Pousada

Inn of Mother Antonio

the great bathers

the washing woman

The lesson

the algerian girl

the little fisherwoman

The little house

the little reader

The Little Reader (Girl in Blue)

the schoolboy

O Loge

the loving ones


A naiad 1876

People and boats of the old port of Marseille

There are paintings by Alfred Sisley

The painter Jules Le Coeur walks his dogs in the forest of Fontainebleau

The painter strolling in Cagnes

the parisian

The way

The path through the forest

the pear tree

the piano Lesson

Piazza San Marco Venice

At the Pont des Arts and the Institut de France

The port of Martigues

Rochelle's Harbor

Pulver magazine in La Rochelle

the walk

The walk (Julienne Dubanc and Adrienne)

the Walker

The reader

The Reader (La Liseuse) (Seated Young Woman)

The reader, also known as a young man reading a book.

The reading

return from the boat party

The Rose Garden at Wargemont

The Pink Hat or Portrait of Lady Hessling

The sea in Cagnes

El Sena in Argenteuil

The Seine at Asnieres (The Skiff)

The Seine at Bougival

The Seine at Chatou

to the shepherdess

the sleeper

the spanish guitarist

In the spring

the sunny street

The swing

The test garden in Algiers

The thinker (seated young woman)

the bathroom

The umbrella

Varangeville church and cliffs

The view of Collettes Cagnes

The village

The vineyards of Cagnes

O Pierrot Branco (Jean Renoir)

the writing lesson

three figures in a landscape

Three girls bathing with crab

three lemons

three partridges

Three pomegranates and two apples

Three women and children in a landscape.

three girls sitting on the grass

Tilla Durieux


Treboul near Douardenez Brittany

trees by the water


Two apples

two bathers

Two bathers in a landscape.

Two figures by the water

two figures in a landscape

Two girls in the Montmartre garden

two girls read

two girls

two girls on the beach

Two sisters

Two sisters (on the terrace)

two sisters II

two women in a garden

Two women in a rowing boat

Two women in blue blouses

Two women in red robes

two women on the grass

two women with a young woman in a landscape

Two heads of women (The Lodge)

two girls at the piano

two girls read


Under the tree at the Moulin de la Galette

Vase basket of flowers and fruit

vase with anemones

vase with chrysanthemums

vase with Flowers

Gladioli and glass roses

Vase with lilacs and roses

Vase with Peonies

glass of roses

Vase with roses and dahlias

Vase with Tulips and Anemones

Vase, basket with flowers and fruits.

venetian gondola

Vera Sertina Renoir

Victor Chocquet

Listings near Antibes

View of Renoir's Garden in Montmartre

view of antibes

View of Brittany

they can't see

View of La Sayne


View of the coast at Wargemont in Normandy

View of Treboule

Misty view of Venice

Dorfstrasse, Louveciennes


walls in spain

watering can

White House

White Houses

Wilhelm Muhlfeld

William Sisley (father of Alfred Sisley)

Willows and Figures on a Boat


woman after shower

wife and son

Woman and child in a garden (sketch)

Woman and child in the field Woman by the well

Woman at the window overlooking Nice

Woman combing her hair. (woman combs her hair)

woman in blue blouse

Woman in a blue dress standing in the garden of Saint Cloud

Woman in blue dress, garden of Saint-Cloud

woman in a shirt

woman with flower hat

Woman in a Garden, also known as Woman with a Seagull

woman with lace blouse

woman in a landscape

woman in red blouse

woman with straw hat

woman with white hat

woman in an interior

woman in an oriental costume

woman in armchair

woman dressed in black

woman in blue

Woman in Blue and Zaza in a Landscape

woman in blue in a landscape

Woman in the Collettes Garden

Woman in white in the garden of Colettes

woman leaning on her elbow

woman on a ladder

woman playing cards

woman playing guitar

woman reading

Woman stoking a stove

Woman tying her shoes

woman wearing a corset

woman with hat

woman with hat in a landscape

Woman with a rose Andree

Woman with white frills

woman with basket of flowers

woman with black dog

woman in blue blouse

woman with cat

woman with corset

woman with fan

woman with flower hat

woman with a mandolin

woman with a necklace

woman with an umbrella

Woman with Parrot (Henriette Darras)

woman with rose

woman with straw hat

woman with yellow turban

woman with bag

Woman with a green chair

woman with guitar

woman with umbrella

female torso

woman's head

Head of the Woman of the Thinker

Head of a Woman (Jeanne Samary) 1877

Women and children


women in a garden

young bathers

young blonde

young blonde

boy in the stream

boy by the river

boy with a cat


young girl combing her hair

Young girl with a bouquet of tulips

Young girl in a blue corset

girl in a blue hat

girl in a flower hat

girl with hat

Young girl in a hat decorated with wild flowers

Girl in a pink and black hat.

Young girl in a red hat

girl with straw hat

Girl with white hat (woman leaning on her hand)

girl in blue

Girl in Blue (Blonde Woman Head)

Girl in Mezy's garden

girl in the woods

girl reading

girl sitting in a garden

Girl sits in a meadow

girl sitting on the grass

Young girl putting on stockings

girl wearing a red hat

girl with a basket of flowers

girl with a dog

girl with a fan

girl with hat

girl with daisies

Young girl with long hair in profile

sitting girl

girl at the piano

girl by the sea

girl by the water

girl on the beach

Young guitarist standing


young and young

young man with red tie

young mother

Young farmer eating an apple

young romanian

Young Shepherd at Rest (Alexander Thurneysson)

young woman

Young woman in her bathroom

young woman at the piano

young hairdresser

Young woman in a blue and pink striped shirt

young woman in a blue hat

Young man in a boat (Lise Trehot)

young woman in a garden

Young woman in a garden in Cagnes

Young woman in a hat

Young woman in a landscape of Cagnes

young woman with straw hat

Young girl in light blue in the conservatory

young woman in profile

Young man in red in the fields

Young woman in white reading

Young woman lifting her skirt

Young woman looking at a printout

young man on a bench

young man reads

Young woman reading an illustrated newspaper

young woman sitting

Young woman sits in a rowboat

Young woman sitting in an oriental costume

Young woman sitting on the grass

young woman sews

young man standing

Young man standing near a farm in Milly

young woman taking a walk

young man in a black hat

Young woman wearing a flower garland

young man in a hat

Young man wearing a hat with wild roses

Young woman with a bow in her hair

young woman with a dog

young woman with a japanese umbrella

young woman with veil

young woman with crane

young woman sitting

Piano by Yvonne y Christine Lerolle

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